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online business opportunites
International Business/Finance online colleges & opportunities?

Does any one know of an online school that is regionally accredited that is affordable (preferably no more than $250/credit) and offers bachelor degrees in either International Business or Finance?

Any one know of any opportunities working in Japan with these?

I teach myself Japanese. I’ve finished about 2yrs of study with a knowledge of 800 kanji and beginning Intermediate grammar topics. I have 60+ Japanese magazines, 30 or so Japanese novels and of course tons of textbooks/reference books. So I’m pretty set on learning the language.

I want to know what kind of opportunites are available with a business degree in Japan. International or finance is my interest, I can’t see how accounting would be useful going overseas since I would learn the american system of accounting and it’s apparently different in international realms.

Or any recommendations/information on opportunites, requirements, degrees, etc. would be especially welcome.

I can’t say much about working in Japan, however to your first question Northeastern Univerisity offers a bachelors degree in Finance and Accounting all online that is AACSB accredited. I don’t know the cost but it can’t be higher the the University of Phoenix and it is probably a better degree.

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