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What is wrong working for Comcast?

I am 22, a dispatcher at Comcast full time, plus I attend college via online, I attended an open house in the newspapers for technician at 21, thats how I got into the company making 14.86 as a technician with a lot of overtime opportunity but I transferred to dispatch . I make 12.11 an hour
with a lot of overtime as well plus a lot of commission oppurtunities. Now i know Comcast is not a flawless business, no business is but why are people complaining about the benefits this company offers. Aetna/Blue Cross Helath Ins,401k, free cable package,15.00 phone, internet. 5750 for your tuition yearly. I see those as awesome benefits as suppose to my friends ups ,mcdonalds ,verizons benefits are not so hot, CNAS benfs not so hot.

what has been experienced and explained is real life

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