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online business startup
Google Startup kit … online businesses?

Has anyone used Google startup kit … is it good. Is it a scam? what is your experience with it?

To get information on how to work with Google making money online, start with Google. Get your information straight from Google, and no one else. You can get information here for free… without a credit card…

Google Business Kit, Google Treasure Chest, and many others with similar names are being investigated by Google and being sued by the FTC for deceptive trade practices. They often have a fake newspaper advertisement to lure people in. Upon checking, you will find no such newspaper exists. It’s fake. It will also contain the Google logo along with the USA Today logo, among others, but neither Google nor any of the News agencies are endorsing these people. Those logos are placed there purely for deceptive purposes and serve no other purpose than to lure you in. There will be great reviews and photos of people who apparently are making great money using this system or training. In reality, these are stock photos and made up names. Made up to lure you in. There will be comments about this on the advertisement but you will not be able to post a comment or question because it is fake… all to lure you in. Every link on this fake advertisement will lead you to a website to where you can install your credit card information. The fee is very small. $1.00 – $3.88 initially. It is bait to lure you in so they can charge your credit card a much larger amount in 3 – 7 days, and sometimes sooner. They will usually charge you anywhere from $50.00 to $100.00 per month until you cancel with them. If you can’t locate their number to cancel with them, your only option is to cancel your debit or credit card. That is probably best anyway, because your financial security has now been compromised by these crooks. The only way a company such as this can succeed is with their deception and lies and tricks. They are nothing more than con artists making money off of Googles name and innocent people. Their websites are popping up all over the internet to take advantage of our poor economy and people without jobs. Taking advantage of those trying desperately to feed their children and hold on to their homes, and then leaving them with overdrawn bank accounts. Don’t be conned. They are nothing more than white collar criminals.

Here is a link to a list of some of these scam artists…

Google is also investigating these people for using their trademark inappropriately. You can report their URL links here.

By the way, this is also a FREE and easy way to make money online, but you won’t get rich quick. It takes work and patience…

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