Opportunity Seeker Mailing Lists

opportunity seeker mailing lists
“Please add me to your mailing list” Is this a scam?

I received in the mail a 3 page letter that sounded similar to a chain letter, but was told several times in the letter that it wasn’t and that it was legal. Basically I would send $1 to seven people who are on a list. I would bump the first one off the list and add my name to the bottom, moving everyone up a notch. I then buy a list of 200 “opportunity seekers” for $40. Send each one of them a copy of the letter I received along with the portion that I added my name to …now asking them for a $1. They say the part that makes it legal is when I send the $1 to the seven people on the list, I need to add “please put my name on your list” and this will make it legal. I will supposedly get tons of money from doing this. Does anyone know if this is first of all legal and secondly..does it work?

It’s been a felony offense since 1935 and the Send-A-Dime scandal.

Google the names Dave Rhodes and Karen Liddell for some more recent incidents and what happened to the promotor.

My advice? Take your letter to your local postal inspector (NOT the clerks at the post office, the inspector him or her self), and tell them all about it. If received by email rather than postal mail, inform spam@uce.gov, and possibly the IRS or SEC.

PS. And oh, Brian is wrong about it being even barely legal. That “service” argument gets shot down in court regularly. FTC v Paul Boivin (2002), for example.

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