Paid From Home

paid from home
What's more imporatant? a house payment or money for the house payment that was paid?

Do you mean $ 250,000. spend thing you want … cars. Rings … Travel or at home that you paid, but not just money that makes your job?

NEVER PAY UP YOUR HOME does not work and not have to worry about paying UNCLE SAM !!!!! Your mortgage interest is the only great thing that our government gives us to deduct from our taxes – is much better to have 250,000 in the bank stocks, bonds, annuities in a 401k, etc, etc, but certainly with diverse a minimum amount of emergency funds. Since you still have a job that can pay off your mortgage – now, if you're interest rate is high on your mortgage, you need to refinance now, maybe put a little more at home if the mortgage payment is a little too high for comfort, then put the rest in retirement savings and annuities — only a fool would pay your house and leave nothing out of the bank when Uncle Sat rake dry year tax …….. talk …. an accountant, you will agree me ………

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