Get Paid To Work From Home

get paid to work from home
Does anyone know how much a transcriptionist should get paid if they work from home?

I was offered to work from home typing medical reports for a doctor. The reports are generally 1 page long. Do i get paid by the page? If not then how does it work? And what is an acceptable rate?

Smiley2 asked a question about medical transcription, I don’t think she intended to have anyone post sites of other options, just answer the question, that’s all!

I used to type at home for a doctor and he paid me by the hour. That was 9 years ago though, the majority of doctors/companies either pay by the line or by the report because it is easier to keep track of. If you are working at home, unless there is a program to use online, such as eTime, there is no way to calculate your hours legitimately.

I currently work at home for MedQuist and we are paid by the line. On average, an MT makes between 7-9 cents a line. If this holds the same for private doctors, then you should be paid between 5-7 dollars per report.

As for what the other person stated, there are legitimate MT companies that you can work at home for. has job listings for many companies. They state whether the job can be done at home or not. Some supply you with either the software or equipment needed to do this and they are not scams. Most do require prior experience and/or schooling.

Good Luck!

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