Part Time Work From Home Jobs

part time work from home jobs
How do I find a legitimate part-time work from home job that does not require a start-up payment?

Many more jobs can be done from home now, look at the trend of corporations to outsource to India. Hire on as an independent contract providing services in your area of expertise. Some employers get how much more productive you can be and they only need to pay for the services they need you for. From your perspective, you’re better off having multiple sources of income so if one dries you’re not desparate. For those employers that don’t get the value of paying you on a hourly contract basis, you can propose a pay-for-performance compensation system. Why should you commute to an office and sit there 8 hours to do 4 hours worth of work. You could use that unproductive time to pursue other fun interests, broaden your skills and find more opportunities.

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