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Is there scholarships/grants for part time students in Ohio?

I was told today that there are NOT any scholarships or grants for part time students. I really need to find this out soon. please help. Thankss 🙂 oh and if you find any please leave me the sites name and what the scholarship/grant is called.

Any federal grants and state grants can be used towards part time study (6 credits or more a semester). This includes the most popular grant, the Pell Grant. This is need-based and you can only find out if you are eligible by filing a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at

Most scholarships can be used towards part-time study as well. Check out the Columbus Foundation, Cleveland Foundation, and Cleveland Scholarship Programs if you happen to live in or near these cities. I’m sure there are organizations like these in Toledo and Cincinnati as well (just don’t know their names).

Someone was misinformed when they told you that you couldn’t get scholarships as a part-time student. Always do your research…

SMWC Scholarships and Grants

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