Scholarships For Women

Why are about 70% scholarships for women even though men are the minority…?

in the education system?

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Men are not the minority that’s why. Men have more education than women in this country. It’s probably seems like reverse discrimination to you but it’s because men seem to have in the past to be the ones to work and go to college where a lot of times in past decades, women started college, met husbands and got to be moms and didn’t finish school so they could be the wife who supported husband to get through college.

%%%%%% What does 1970 have to do with 2009?

“””” It probably seems like reverse discrimination to you.”””””

It doesn’t seem like reverse discrimination, it is reverse discrimination. What oppression did some 19 year old male cause you or any other women.

***** This is how screwed up this feminist culture is, As a woman you feel (ENTITLED) to (SPECIAL PRIVILEGE) because of whats between your legs.

Nobody owes you anything just because your a woman. The fact that you dropped out to be a wife and a mother is your choice, yet you feel all men should be placed at a disadvantage because of your choices.

For the life of me, it’s disgusting how the herds of women can’t own up to the fact that their not the victims they believe themselves to be. These are the choices you made. My son should not be placed at a disadvantage because you got knocked up to young.

How are all men responsible for your choices. Did someone enslave you? Did someone force you to get married? Where you forced to have children?

When do women become responsible for their own lives? Without the women using the GOVERNMENT to clean up their messes?

What makes you think you can call up the past as excuses for what you decide to do with your life?

Do you hear men complaining that women stayed home in the past, while they got up at 5 am to head off to a factory job? Do men complain they had to provide for their Wives and Kids?

Feminism never seems to tell the whole story, like all other special interest groups they manipulate and leave out all the facts to present one very twisted side of the story.

Scholarships for Women –

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