Secretarial Work From Home

secretarial work from home
I need a work at home job?

I am looking to be employed at home. I have a medical billing degree and experience in secretarial work. I need an honest job and i am not looking for a get rich scheme. I want a real job. If you can tell me were to find a job like this I would appreciate it greatly. Or if you are an employeer I would greatly appreciate you looking into having me work for you from home. Thanks for the help!

I can’t help you with a real job but I can share how I make extra money at home (part time.) and is easy for anyone to do, no cost involved..
(1) Sell items on the Internet. I started out by selling extra items that I had at home, now I go to yard sales, flea markets, check out discount bins at stores, etc and resell them for a profit on the net.
(2) This is the easiest way (for me) to make extra money (believe it or not), I make pocket change by doing things like “reading emails. I just click on a email link and wait for a timer to expire, close the link and move onto the next email. I spend about a 1/2 hour a night doing this
(3) Another popular way is to start your own blog and or website, design it properly and your website or blog will pay for itself sooner or later. This is a great form of extra income because the internet is open 24 hours a day and seven days a week…
and I will post the link below…If you have any question about what I am going to share with you, please email me (just click on my “yahoo name)..Hopefully, you will find my answer helpful!!!

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