Small Business Idea

small business idea
Will this small business idea work?

I’m 14 years old, soon to turn 15 and I live in the UK. I have an idea of a business wherein people ring me up when they have a bike puncture, and I cycle to their house and fix the puncture for half the cost that the local bike shop charges. I would distribute leaflets and posters beforehand. I thought of this idea because a lot of people cycle where I live and many, many people don’t know how to simply fix a puncture and end up dishing out £20 for it to be fixed. Will this work?

You are an industrious young man. I see you being really successful in life. Your business idea has some really good things going for it.

You are providing a much needed (desperate) service and undercutting the competition by half.

Things to consider and study:

Are there area’s where you live where punctures frequently occur?

What hours will you be available?

Will there be enough demand just from fixing tires. Do you need to offer more services…conditioning perhaps.

Leaflets and posters can get expensive and may not work for your business because people cannot predict when they will have a blowout. Internet and word of mouth perhaps…….pay people for recommending you…You may have to get a little creative. Check out a book called Gorilla Marketing.

Above all else, get permission from your parents before you start any of this. You’ll learn a lot just from the exercise.

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