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What is the most possible amount of grant money a student can get from the fafsa?

Disregarding my actual financial status right now – How much dollars from grants, at the most total, can the FAFSA offer a student, over 6 years? That includes but I don’t think is limited to the Pell Grant, FSEOG, ACG, Teacher Grant.

So, add up how much possible grants, for every year, for six years, and that’s the total. Anyone know for sure the amount?

Well it depends on the institution and what grants they offer. Some colleges do not offer FSEOG or the TEACH grants. But IF they did this is what you are looking at.

PELL for 09/10 with an EFC (Expected Family Contribution) of $0 is $5350 per year for a full time (12.0 units) student.

ACG for 09/10 is $750 for a first year student and $1300 for a second year student (based on a full time student).

FSEOG for 09/10 is strictly based on the college you attend and how much they are federally funded. For instance, we offer $1200 per year for a full time student.

TEACH for 09/10 is $4000 per year for a full time student with a signed commitment to teach full time in a high need field at a low income school. Not all schools offer the TEACH grant as it is a very strict program.

So in total IF your school offers all of these, you are a full time student and you qualify for all you would receive a minimum of $12500 per year in Financial Aid awards. $12500 x 6 years = approx. $75000

REMEMBER: schools get new budgets every year from the department of ed so some years the amounts go up and some they go down. This is just an estimate.

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