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Are there scholarships or grants for foreign exchange students?

I’m an American looking to be a foreign exchange student in Ireland. The cost for a full year is $12,000 and my family can’t afford it. The exchange program can help out $2,000 but that’s still 10k I have to come up with. I would love to find some scholarships or grants where I write an essay. Any help at all would be great, thanks.

Oh my I wish I could tell you something positive, I’m not sure there is especially with the economy as it is.

There is the American College on Merrion Square in Dublin 2, Ireland. They may have a program for US citizens. Otherwise just enquire to Trinity College Dublin, University College Dublin, Dublin City University or the Department of Education ( Government department )

The first two replys seem to be in the know. Goodluck.

RI Sen. Pell, Proponent of Student Grants, Dies

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