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top work from home jobs
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i ran into a website- that promised the top 3 legitimate work from home jobs, but how sure can i be that its not a scam..i mean does .org mean its a monitored, legitimate website or can it still be a scam? and why do u have to pay to get started? does anyone know of a proven work from home job? thanx!

Do they say what the fee is for? You may not be getting into a job. The only work at home types of places that you have to pay is a business opportunity where your buying into a business. Which if the business is legit, it will give you an incredible income opportunty if you work it right. I have my own home based business, I had to pay a start up fee that covers a lot of different things that the company does for me. But according to your detailed message, your asking how sure can you be that it’s not a scam? There’s quite a few different things you need to research then. I’m refering you over to an article that will give you a lot of information on what to look for in a business. For a job “working for someone else” or looking into going into business “with”. First you need to figure out which one your doing this for. Is the fee for a union? Or are you contracted out (which requires fee) or are you an I.R (which requries fees) both types are Independelty owned from the business. I’m unclear what your paperwork says, so I don’t know if this is actually a job your applying for (in which no fee’s should be asked for) or if your collaborating with the company (in which there would be upfront costs). Anyhow, take a look at this article. It will help you distinguish if ti’s a scam or not.–?cq=1

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