Transcription From Home

transcription from home
Can you do medical transcription work from home without taking a class (such as through Can Scribe)?

I am an RN, and also a liscensed funeral director/embalmer. But I was in a really bad car accident a few months ago. I want to work from home now, and have children. I know I can do this job easily after I read everything about it online, because I know all the terminology, and also have excellent typing skills. Any ideas anyone? I would appreciate any advice anyone could give me.
Thanks so much.

It may be possible to get a job as a transcriptionist without training if there are any employers out there that do not require that you have training or experience. Most employers will even test your transcription skills before they will hire you. Have you taken any of these tests yet? I would suggest that you do just so you can see what the work will be like. Try a test through Spheris or MedQuist.

Nurses make excellent transcriptionists. If you do end up looking for training, here is a school that has a demo of their course so you can get a feel for what is covered: I think you will find that there is much more to it than just typing. I think that training will help you be a better transcriptionist. The course that I mentioned above even teaches you keyboard shortcuts so you can type even faster (since transcriptionists are generally paid by the line). And it includes hours upon hours of doctor dictation which gives you a lot of practice. Worth looking into anyway!

Good luck!

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