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How far ahead should I plan for medical school?

I am a High School senior who plans to major in Biochemistry and then proceed to medical school after. What preparations should I be making for those extra 4 years of education? I already know that my undergraduate major must prepare me in the sciences for the MCAT, which is why I chose Biochemistry. What should I do to prepare my finances for medical school? Do I need to start saving now or wait until the time approaches? I already have a scholarship which will pay for all of my undergraduate education, so I won’t have to worry about that. I am also recieving academic grants which should be enough to cover my books. Though the university is in my hometown, I was planning to move out just to get a full college experience just as most students do. Approximately 50% of my housing and meal plan would be covered by need based grants. I am still applying and waiting for other grants. Would you recommend saving the grant money and staying at home in place of living on campus?

Even if you saved your grant money, it will probably not be enough for medical school costs. Besides, if you saved your need based grants, it could effect your need based financial aid package from the university for next year since your income and savings counts at a higher rate than your family’s income and savings. It is admirable to try to exit medical school with the least amount in loans, but it should not be done at the expense of your need based financial aid package which has to be filed each year. Good luck!

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