Undergraduate Education Grants

undergraduate education grants
Financial aid for postgraduate students?

(This question is about American universities). I’ve heard that it’s much easier for international postgraduate students to get financial aid compared to undergraduate students. I also know that for certain subjects (medicine, law and business) financial aid isn’t available while for others (science, math) it’s very easily available. What about education? Would someone who wants to do a master’s in education be able to easily get financial aid in the form of grants, teaching assistantships or research assistantships?

Yes, this is true, because many international students get graduate teaching/research positions which cover tuition and sometimes provide a living stipend.

Unfortunately, the majority of these opportunities are available in the sciences. To a lesser extent the social sciences/humanities may be a possibility.

Education is a hard one bc most American students do not get graduate assistant positions for primary or secondary education master’s degrees. Most work full-time in a school district and either pay for it on their own or sometimes w the assistance of the school district. this wouldn’t be a possibility for a foreign student as they wouldn’t be able to get a work visa from US primary/secondary schools in most cases.

The one exception that i do know of, however, is higher education administration programs. This prepares students for administrative work in universities (such as academic advisers or financial aid administrators). I am in one of these programs now and have a full assistantship position. There are also several foreign students in the program w full aid too. The only problem w this program is that i am not sure how useful it will be back in your home country as most countries do not hire extensive higher education staff in their universities (simply bc they do not have the funding) unlike American universities.

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