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Can universities start a research program?

I just read about the student who was eveicted from her dorm for getting treatment after an attempted suicide. Don’t universities get grants to study things? Could this topic be addressed? Students often don’t have insurance and can’t get early intervention. They might like getting a tuition break for being a test subject. Also some healthy people could act as a control.
I don’t think she was evicted for getting help, but for the attempt.

I think it is very controversial to evict a student b/c they are seeking treatment for an attempted suicide. How does that make sense? The student is getting help! Yes, they have a history of suicide attempts which is risky BUT the ones they need to worry about are the ones that are not getting help.

The simple answer to your question is yes a college can start a research program. The real question is whether universities will do this. Its really an issue of risk. They dont want to risk the liability or the public relations nightmare of a student committing suicide on their campus.

This would actually be a cool thesis or dissertation topic.

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