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Is Junior degree(2 years study in university) accepted for continuing education in the USA?

I have high school degree but in my country the duration of study in vocational school is 3 i studied 11 Years to get the high school degree.Then I went to the university and got the Junior degree in accounting.that means duration of my study is totally 13 years.Am I eligible to register in the USA universities or green card lottery programs? and can i change my major regarding that my high school degree is accounting?

Mahroo, I’m not a US citizen so know little of their University rules.
However, I do know that every university has a website and contact details provided.
You can usually email them with queries directly from their site.

It will just require you to Google the universities in the area you will be living (or wish to be).
Be sure to check out their FAQs – the information you require may already be there.

As for the Diversity Visa Program – eligibility to apply depends on if you were born in an eligible country.
You will find information on it here:

Also, check out the US State Department’s website for Visa’s for education purposes:

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