University Student Grants

I’m thinking about college, and need to find out about grants or student loans. Where do I start?

I’m thinking about enrolling in Purdue University here in Indiana where I work as a custodian. I’m currently planning on going for a Masters or PhD in Archaeology and wondering if there may be a site online that would have info to help people like me get financial aid. I’m also curious about grants. If I must go with a student loan, is there a site that might help me with what I should look for?

If you work at that school, you can probably take classes for free. I know the schools I have worked at let full time employees and sometimes the spouses and children take classes at no charge. Review your employee handbook or look online at your human resources page because you probably can go for free! Isn’t that great news? Whoo-hoo, I’m jealous!

Cal Grant Recipient Testimonial by University of the Pacific student

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