University Travel Grants

university travel grants
Financial frustrations of a student effort. Any suggestions??

I just can not win. Here's the thing: I took two years off after high school is a missionary and travel. Last fall I decided to go home and go to a nearby university and work to pay my own school. I am currently working two jobs and taking 18 hours each quarter with a 3.8 GPA so far have been able to combine parts of my savings and my income, almost making each payment. Now the savings are gone, and money is tighter than ever. Because I'm not a freshman directly from high school, I am not eligible for financial aid my university, and I just found out that through the FAFSA, I'm not eligible for government grants. Does anyone know of anything else I can do? I submitted the FAFSA, apply for scholarships that I can get my hands on, I'm working two part-time jobs just to pay for school. Even stopped coloring hair as one of many cuts to save money. lol I want to graduate debt free. Ugh. Any suggestions?

One of the things you can look at is what kind of package benefits of their university offers nursing assistants. Some of them offer not only room and board, but also tuition waivers. The only drawback is that you can also limit the number of credit hours you can take each semester. I understand that you are currently living at home, but if that tuition waiver is part of the package, there is no reason not to go to! With an average as high as yours, have you ever thought of offering himself as a guardian, either through a university program or private? Depending on the courses that they feel competent, you can find a good market for these services (especially if you're willing to deal with some students courses weed-out "that the university may have.) There is also the option of having far fewer credit hours and the search for an alternative to part-time position that offers a better salary. My boyfriend went to a private school where the cost per year was as much as I paid for my whole college career, but was able to pay for it, working for a local company. Some of the ideas out of the wall may be the collection of eggs (yes yes, this can be a little unpleasant for some, but if you are eligible may cover some costs) or participate in research studies (psychology and other departments health sciences students and pay a decent amount of their participation in the event that qualify).

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