Wahm Business

wahm business
Work-at-home-mom income opportunities?

I have a modest consulting business, and I am a WAHM. I recently moved to an expensive part of the country and wonder if anyone can suggest additional ways I can work from home. I have a nanny who travels with me so I can nurse my infant between meetings, so I can get out periodically to see clients. I have an MBA, if that helps.

I also want to homeschool this child, if I can afford it. Any ideas? Experiences to share?

Do you want to work a JOB where someone pays you an hourly wage or a home based business opportunity? You aren’t real clear on what it is exactly…

IF you live in the US and are looking for a telecomute job, there are several different agencies looking for your expertise… shoot me an email through yahoo and I will send you the link… If you live overseas this will not help

If you are looking to start a home based business, then I invite you to read my blog I wrote on advice for working from home… you can find the link in the second paragraph of my profile here. The blog is generic information that will help you get started in decerning the legit from the scams… what to look for, how to do research ….

I do suggest you not just take someone’s word for it that what they do is the greatest thing since sliced bread, not even mine… DO your homework first… then decide what is a good fit for you.
If I can help further, let me know. You can email me through my profile.
~best to you

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