Weird Scholarships

weird scholarships
Is it unusual for the transfer of powers, because you do not like the city surrounding?

Im gonna be a freshman in college. I'm to school next week. I got a scholarship and was an important reason for me choosing this school. The current school is nice and I like size. However, I'm not crazy about the city that surrounds it. Is at the center of a city (not Boston or anything) but really arent forests and everything that occurs in blocks. I thought I could in this way, but now it's time to move, I feel like I'm really going to miss the forest and trees, etc, I'm not sure if That is one reason big enough to transfer only because I hate the city. I now choose a school that was more rural, with a rolling campus. I do not know what to do. I'm really looking forward to going to school, I'm going crazy. Please help.

I am currently a graduate student at University New York and I like the fact that my school is located in the center of the city, New York. I attended a school that was located in a rural setting of my bachelor's degree and loved it. However, I had to deal with going to school in New York City because it was the practice that can be done. I understand you can not always get what I want. If you are receiving a scholarship at this school, I would suggest you deal with the anxiety of living away from nature, except: 1. You can download and still get a scholarship in the new school you choose to attend two. You do not need a scholarship because their parents either paid or did not care to enter into debt (on a poor student have to get into debt, I would suggest that you reject this option) 3. You will not be able to do well in school because they hate the place (Again, this is all part growth and learning that can not always get everything you want. If you choose to deal with it, do not think the school would be located much of a factor in performance) Remember, the location is just one of many factors that students consider when deciding what schools to choose from. The size, membership, availability of desired major prospects, career, financial aid, etc are some of the other factors. If only one (ie, location) of the many factors that are not satisfactory; I think not so bad. On the other hand, remember that you will make friends, get into new activities and do other things that will keep you busy outside of school work. Perhaps from time to time, could throw the entire time they have to see some nature. In my opinion, I do not leave school because one of my many considerations is not available. That's my humble opinion. Good luck!

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