Women Education Grants

women education grants
Federal Student Aid). You will have your taxes last year. The most common grants available for college students who demonstrate financial need is the Pell Grant. The maximum amount available per year is $ 4050. The U.S. Department of Education maintains a web portal for information on support student. As they go to special education, you may also qualify for special programs or loan forgiveness loan programs under interest. One is that of Perkins (or direct) loan program. This is a 5% interest, no loan costs, which can be 100% canceled. If you work in an area of critical need, take 1 / 5 of loans forgiven each year for five years. To qualify for a Perkins loan, you have have demonstrated financial need. This loan program has limited funds, so you have to request earlier this year (before March 1). Teachers in critical needs areas area are also entitled to have $ 5000 of your Stafford (or the school anticipated) financial aid office for more specific information.

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