Work From Home Assembly Jobs

work from home assembly jobs
Home from home jobs??!?

I’m a Mother to a one year old. I work part time as a host at a restaurant & would love to spend more time with my son at home. I’ve been looking at home assembly jobs, The problem is I don’t know which sight is legit. Has anyone done any of these before? No I’m not talking like selling avon or mark b/c I do that already && don’t care for it, I’m talking about putting together arts or crafts or stuffing envelops something of that nature. Please let me know, I would like to quit my job, but I like my extra spending/bill money ! (my boyfriend keeps us on a budget haha) Thanks!!

Be very careful with such jobs. Often, the require you to buy the materials from them, but will reject all your work for not being up to their “standards.” They’re really selling hope and materials.

This type of scam has been around in the back pages of magazine for decades.

Hope that helps

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