Work From Home Automated

work from home automated
Does anyone know of REAL LEGIT work at home jobs?

does anybody know of a REAL work from job, and not just some stupid automated machine message on the net, or some scam marketing, or “you must pay one million dollars to join” online bull crap?? PLEASE help!! Part time work seriously needed! And if you are one of the bullish listed above DON’T WASTE MY TIME RESPONDING! Thanks 🙂

I’ve been working from home for the past 5 years and yes there are legit jobs out there. Here’s a few leads for you: Uhaul,, Alpine,, Hilton, These are customer service type jobs. You do not need to pay anyone to get a job. You will need a home office, computer, high speed internet and in some cases a land line phone. You can find more jobs at uses the search terms “telecommute, work from home or work at home” and review the results. Ignore the jobs that offer ridiculously high salaries. Visit my favorite work from home forum for leads, and tips. You can also visit my blog for leads and tips on how to avoid the scams. Best wishes to you.

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