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Does anyone know where I can find legitimate work from home?

I’ve started with one transcription co. but they seem to be the only ones to take a beginner. I can’t do call center work because I have 3 small kids and there’s no such thing as “quiet” in my I’ve been burned by at least 50 at-home business ventures. I just really need something that I can do from home, with either hourly pay or a decent piece rate, and that doesn’t require absolute silence to do. I’m registered on several different WAH sites with forums, but most of the things listed are call center or selling stuff, and I don’t have any extra money to invest in candles, jewelry, or Thanks in advance@ 🙂

I haven’t seen anyone who was able to find legitimate at-home work unless they started with a company and worked themselves into a position of trust to work from home.

To be honest you are opening yourself to a world of hurt. The information you provide to these types of organizations may not just burn you but could also set you up for identity theft, mail scams and other actions that could wreck your life.

I wish I could provide a rosier picture of the WAH scene but unless you want to spend your day on forums trying to rope other victims into clicking on a link with your affiliate ID you aren’t going to find much opportunities that way.

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