Work From Home Franchise

work from home franchise
I work self employed from home for a travel firm,they have now offered me a franchise.?

How can I find out how well the company is doing?

If they are publicly traded, go to your public library. They have two sets of references that describe companies and have their financials. i believe one is called Hoovers and I cannot remember the name of the other. Also, many companies offer their financials on their website. As an example, I googled Southwest Airlines and went to their website,, went to About Us, then Investor Relations and found many reports such as Financials, Annual Reports, and SEC Filings. If you want to know how to read them, just compare years and look for current status and trends. A good measure is Net Income Per Share. For current status, it should be positive. For a trend, it should have improved or at least been stable. Theirs is positive and increased over 30% from two years ago so I would feel confident with them.

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