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work at home info
I’m looking for free messageboards to post info about my work from home business. Where do I find them?

I work from home as a marketing rep for an on line store with over 400 green products we use everyday. I set up accounts for other people to get these items at wholesale 30% less than shopping at your local store. Our store ships direct from the warehouse to the home, and the store pays me for sending them new accounts too. $500-$1000 a month. for 20+ hrs a week.

posting on message boards is considered spamming. Best you can do without getting yourself in trouble for spamming is sign up for some free traffic exchanges, post free classified ads… join some social networks, even though spam is not really welcomed there but done all the time anyway.

By the way, is that $500-$1000 a month for 20+ hours a week guaranteed or do you have to have a certain number of customers buying a certain amount of product per month for that to happen?
~good luck

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