Work At Home Internet Business

work at home internet business
I have 3 kids and want to work at home. How do i go about starting an internet business?

Most people who work at home and are successful are doing one of two things – getting paid a commission on everyone they convince to join the program (also known as MLM or pyramid plans) OR they have their own business. Your own business is something you create yourself, not find on the internet. You create it based on your skills, your passions not on what someone else tells you is the GREATEST thing going.

If you are looking at one of the endless “opportunities” out there be careful – most are scams. Here are a few questions you should ask to help figure out if the one you are looking at is for real or not.

Legitimate work-at-home program should tell you – in writing – what’s involved in the program they are selling. Here are some questions you might ask:

* What tasks will I have to perform? (Ask the program to list every step of the job.)
* Will I be paid a salary or will my pay be based on commission?
* Who will pay me?
* When will I get my first paycheck?
* What is the total cost of the work-at-home program, including supplies, equipment and membership fees?
* What will I get for my money?

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