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work from home leads
any work from home jobs that dont require taking surveys or startup fees?

tired of all the surveys that lead to other surveys or opportunities that cost to start

There is no such thing any more for zero start-up fees.If there are, the sweat is worth the zero investment and usually you get zero results.I have researched for years what to start with zero, bought books and in the end, paid more than i could have invested because of all the research purchases. I gave up and had to pay! It’s better to look for the best and reasonable, then go for it!

One day I came across an opportunity. I thought to myself, ‘it’s one of those get-rich-quick schemes’. Little did I know that my riches were actually going to be born by it. I dumped it immediately and forgot all about it. As time went by, a friend of my suddenly started becoming successful. I thought, maybe she got a promotion so I ignored and didn’t ask. Before I knew it, she had quit her job! This is when bells started ringing in my mind that there should be something. I decided to observe. Within 2 months after quitting, her success was tripling. I couldn’t resist to ask anymore. To my surprise, the very same opportunity that was making her succeed so fast was the very opportunity I dumped almost a few months back. I couldn’t waste anymore time and acted immediately with her assistance. To date, I average $45,000 a month! On top of that, I’ve been able to open yet other businesses with my profits and my income is more than I can say!….You could be next. It all lies in you to make a choice…

So you want to become rich too? Spending less and saving more may seem like a simple, antiquated method to the road to riches, but it is actually one that does work. Becoming rich is not about instant riches, unless of course you have the financial answer that garners you a million bucks.

Spending money may seem like a past time of the wealthy but there are always sound financial decisions made prior to each purchase and of course, a handsome investment portfolio doesn’t hurt either. The point?, Live simply, take it one day at a time, and stick to your plan.
Rich people work hard, are often self employed, and consider work a joy. They are frugal and live below their means. They save and invest well. They are disciplined. They buy assets, not non-appreciating liabilities. Understand that creating wealth initially has nothing to do with money but more to do with discipline and establishing (and following) good habits! Establishing financial goals, a time horizon and risk tolerance, for example. By so doing, the odds are in favor to create a future path to financial success. Below are the strategies I used myself to get rich! I was deep in debt but my determination and flexibility to try and take risks beyond procrastination paid off! IF YOU IGNORE THIS EMAIL AND THINK IT’S ONE OF THOSE ‘SCAMS’, I’M TELLING YOU YOU’LL LIVE TO REGRET WHY YOU DIDN’T TAKE A CHANCE! I AM ENJOYING THE BENEFITS OF ALL MY RECOMMENDATIONS!!! Atleast one person is coming with the truth of what really makes money in this world. All the opportunities stated here can be done part time and still yield same results!

Here’s the opportunity:
No uploading web pages… no joint venture marketing… no writing copy… no ftware programs… no start up costs… and 
no technical stuff…Dear Entrepreneur friend,
have just published a brand new report called NO WEBSITE REQUIRED – how to cut and paste your way to $1 000 a day online! This really is one of those hold-my-hand online marketing guides you’ve been crying out for. I’ve written down everything you need to know in simple, easy-to-follow instructions, with illustrations and bullet points.
It’s the exact blueprint I use to make this business work. And you can read it without risking any of your own money. At the end of this letter, you can click on a link and order ‘No Website Required’ for a trial review.
But I’m going to be honest with you here… because there IS a catch…
Just a tiny one…
You don’t need special knowledge or experience to make this work, but you do need to know how to log onto the Internet, search web sites and write plain text in Microsoft Word.
There’s one other thing you need to know…
This is not some phony cash generator or multi-level marketing opportunity. There’s no million rand jackpot at the touch of a button. You WILL need to put a little effort into this business. You can’t just sit back and let the grass grow under your feet.
Every minute makes you money…
So you could work 5 minutes a day and make $30 per day… or an hour and make $1 000 a day – with no real difficulty… It’s up to you.
But wait, so far we’ve talked just about using other people’s articles and products and turning them into a constant income stream…
But you haven’t heard half of what’s on offer yet!
There’s so much more I’m going to share with you. Such as:
* How to fool the world into thinking you have hundreds of fabulous web sites, packed with profitable products. These highly visible sites can appear seconds after you key a short piece of text into someone else’s web space! These are high paying affiliate sites through which you’ll promote anything from cars to holidays, computers to mobile phones, and other high commission business and consumer goods. I’ll show you the simple steps to get started
* How to create a small classified ad (or hundreds or thousands of small classified ads) and within minutes have people all over the world responding and sending you money! ‘Classified ads’ are cheap, easy to write, and can make big money. I’ll show you a way to place hundreds of free classified ads every day. You can even set up an automated ad system that repeats your most profitable submissions in hundreds or thousands of places on and off the Internet.And here’s the clever part…
I’ll even show you how to get a website of your own, packed with high demand products, overflowing with promotions and primed to attract thousands of hits a day. Your customers will buy products or click on links and make you handsome profits from major companies like Google, Yahoo and other pay-per-click advertising giants. Best of all, I’ll show you how to claim this site and even have it uploaded for you by experts and maintained forever free of charge.
I have to confess, I’ve only mentioned a few of the easy projects included in my new report: There are many more, but I urge you to see for yourself.
Review my strategies and try them yourself – completely RISK-FREE
You can take all my strategies and read them yourself. If you don’t think you can make money from them (or simply don’t think it’s for you), send it back and I’ll refund your full purchase price.
But there will be more for you to look at than I’ve mentioned even here. You see, there are projects I prefer to keep secret for now, but I will reveal to you when you order your RISK-FREE package.
I make no apologies for this. I don’t want people copying my ideas who are not also my customers. But if you order your risk-free package today I will send you a workbook and CD that reveals everything.
Now let’s take a closer look at what you’ll get when you try out No Website Required…
* How an article that takes less than half an hour to create can fetch thousands of dollars in easy profits… and why that article need not be your own.
* How to have hundreds of different income streams each month, all featuring fabulous order pulling web sites, all designed by experts and hosted for you free of charge and already set up to attract search engine traffic right from day one.
* How to place low-cost classified ads that have people flooding to your product without ever creating a web site yourself.
This last one is really sneaky, because these advertisements can take minutes to write, cost nothing to place… yet they take readers directly to professional, product packed web sites, all earning commissions for you!
You can actually have hundreds, even thousands of web sites, each earning several hundreds of Dollars or much more each day. But you’ll never have to upload them… or learn html… and you won’t be charged hosting or design fees EVER!
Think about the possibilities… making money from thousands of products you NEVER even created on websites you’ve never built!
One article can make you a regular income for years! So imagine having thousands of articles published online, drawing traffic to your products that you promote for huge commissions.
I’ll show you how a website where there are more than 10,000 of these products. And get this – more money is made by the seller (i.e. YOU!) than the person who created the product.
It’s amazing but true.
So instead of spending weeks, even months, creating your own products, you can spend all day promoting them… hundreds of them… and make much more than if those products were entirely your own.
And I’ll show you another trick…
This one means that publishers will pick up your articles and republish them on their own web sites, with links leading directly to YOUR sales page (remember you won’t need to upload them yourself, design them or even pay for them).
Once an article is published online, a kind of snowball effect follows. Just ten people might see your article the first day it’s online. Then ten more the next day… ten the day after… and so on, potentially forever!
Load that article to another site, and there’s another ten people reading your promotions each day, every day. Load it to another site and there’s another ten, and another ten.
See how it’s working now? Pretty simple, isn’t it? Your business goes on expanding through thousands of articles and hundreds of different article directories.
All these postings make you reg

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