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Why are my hands fairer than my face?

Hi, I’m from Malaysia and I’m a mix blood of Indian and Iban ( a kind of tribal race here).
I noticed that my hands and the rest of my body are fairer than my face. I don’t go out often (I’m a house person). Plus since I started to work from home in the past 2 months, the rest of my body got fairer except my face and neck area. Could it be food intake or am I doing something wrong here?

It looks odd to have a fair body but a dark face. I’ve been trying all kinds of products, but non of it was any help.So are there any ways to make my face skin and neck area fairer? Maybe things I can do on a budget? home remedies.. etc..
Please help me, I’m getting married this December. I wont want to look like a bride dipped in chocolate. 😛

I have the same issue, My dad is Salvadorian, and my mother is white. My face is ALWAYS lighter than my face, which looks extremely weird when my body is a light olive color, and my face is pale.
I would exfoliate your face and neck area, it gets rid of dead skin, which may make your face appear darker? I know it’s not much, but I hope it helped! [:

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