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work at home options
Legitimate work from home options?

I recently had a child and would possibly like to stay at home with my child. My family could probably live off of just my spouse’s salary, but it would be tight. I’m looking for a part time (as time would allow) work at home job, but it seems that there are a lot of scam jobs out there. Does anyone have any suggestions? I have a masters in finance and work in the financial services industry.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

First of all: Congratulations on recently having a child!!

Second of all: I can help you.

What kind of skills do you have?? The amount and type of skill you have will determine what kind of work-at-home job she could get.

I’m an Engineering Student, and I make enough money online to pay for rent and school doing Freelance Projects.

I found my job through a site that has a big Free, WorldWide list of almost 200 Work At Home services, with reviews included. It’s address is: (It’s Worldwide.)

There’s links to sites that will pay you for:

Freelance Writing
Taking Digital Photos
Data Entry
Being a Virtual Assistant
Running an Auto-Pilot Home Business
Doing Surveys

The Free list of survey companies there actually has over 100 websites in it. If you are signed up with 100 survey companies; believe me; you’ll have survey offers being thrown at you.

And, they are currently giving away Free Copies of Roboform!! (The form-filling software.) It’s awesome. It will save you up to 80% of the time it takes you to sign up for Work-At-Home jobs online.

So, you can visit there, read the reviews, and decide which way is best for you.

Good luck!

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