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Are there legitimate work at home jobs for pharmacists in Canada?

I am a licensed pharmacist currently working in Saskatchewan. I am going on maternity leave in November, but I would like to continue to work from home if possible. I have been searching the internet for work at home jobs, but most of them are based in the US and I am unsure of their legitimacy.

With your background, you could consider medical transcription, coding or billing. I was a medical transcriptionist working from home for 13 years.

Many transcriptionists get their training through a course of study while others carry their medical terminology knowledge with them from other health related fields. You would need to get the terminology down (most of which you probably have), and then get started. Many companies want experience so there’s a catch-22. However, doctors and hospitals may be hiring, and after a time you can work from home as many transcriptionists do.

There’s some excellent information for anyone considering a career in this field in the website listed below. No affiliation with any school or products, just good info, including real job listings in coding, billing, and transcription.
They also have free listings in their directory for transcriptionists.

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