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work at home software
What is a reliable, safe, cost effective anti-virus software for my pc at home/work?

Mine at home has expired. Do I need firewall protection as well?

Here’s some ideas to “roll ya own” Internet Security Suite for free. Free is always the best.

1. For your Anti-Virus……(Always use only 1 A-V)

I like the AOL ActiveVirusShield. Don’t let the name AOL scare you. ActiveVirusShield is made by Kaspersky which is one of top-rated anti-virus vendors in the world.

In recent tests, the most popular free anti-virus, AVG, was only able to detect about 82% of a very large sample of viruses. On the other hand, ActiveVirusShield was able to detect better than 99% in the same test.
Full test results are here:

ActiveVirusShield has excellent virus detection rates and is extremely light on using your computer resources.

Detects and removes spyware, too!

Updates many times per day to detect new malware.

Free to anyone, AOL member or not from:

2. For your Firewall……….(Always use only 1 firewall)

An excellent free firewall is Comodo Personal Firewall. It can pass firewall “leak tests” that even most of the “paid-for” firewalls cannot pass.

And Comodo has a great support forum. Where the CEO / President of the company might even himself answer your question! Check it out at:

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