Access Home Computer From Work

access home computer from work
How do I set-up WindowsXP Pro so I can access my work computer from home. Both have cable,office has network?

The computer system at work consists of a 4 computer network with my computer as the main. (all data files are stored on my computer it acts like the server.) I need detailed instructions how to set the remote access up for the office computer and my home one. I do not know much about computers, but I can follow directions. Thank you for any help you can offer.

You need to port forward port 3389 on the office router or firewall to your office computer’s IP address. Check the docs for that, each one is different. You also need to know the outside IP address for your office router or firewall. If you don’t know that, from your office PC, open your browser and to to and it will be right at the top of the screen.

Then from the System Properties box on your computer (right-click My Computer and select Properties to get there) click on the remote tab. Click the checkbox for Remote Desktop. Click OK.

Then from your home computer click Start…Run. Type MSTSC and press enter. Type your office router’s IP address in the box and press Enter. In a few seconds you’ll get a logon prompt at your office PC.

You must have administrator rights on your office PC. Make SURE that all user accounts on the office PC have strong passwords. If they don’t, anyone on the internet will be able to access your PC!

If this is all beyond you, get an account at Go To My PC at

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