Focus On Education – And Other Stuff

hens night sydneyHey there comes a time in every girls study time when it is really time to take a break and let off some steam. What better way to do that than have a hens night out. Get together with the girls and let your hair down a little.

Too much study can make Jack a very boring boy, and the same goes for the girls. It is important to plan your night out, especially considering transport, making sure no one is drink driving, so get that dedicated driver  before you head on out. So if you are planning a hens night sydney escapade for you and sisters, you may be interested to know that a lot of venues are rather discount friendly towards groups. And with some of these proprietors even specializing in party or group bookings it is a great idea to check out the range of possibilities on their website.

Now what about college grants!


university grants scholarshipsI would say no but it depends on where you transfer and what requirements they have. In terms of financial aid it doesn’t matter if you transfer in later the government will still give you grants and loans. The only difference in the aid received that way is based on your tax information and if you are still a dependent your parents which even if it is considered “low” doesn’t mean you will get all the money in the world.

Look at where you will transfer and see if they have any programs set up. I didn’t do that and I wish I had because I had an opportunity to get a 2000 transfer scholarship and my tuition at a lower rate if I had signed up for this program ahead of time.

If you start a semester late– it will depend on who you signed up with. If you did it through the government and you already accepted everything you better go to class. If it is with a private organization and you can work out starting a semester late maybe they will let you. But if you have committed yourself, and accepted stuff they expect you to go to school. Now if things get a little out of hand in the dorm and something gets clogged in the toilet, you know you will need a 24 hr plumber if your uni is in Sydney to help solve the issues that might arise, so just keep this in mind.

I think community colleges get a bad rap a lot of the time but I would say do it. I took all my basics at a community college and transferred them to my university. Classes were easier and tremendously cheaper. (400 a semester compared to 5000 a semester) Just make sure what you are taking will transfer, and buy your books online if you can because that is where costs will get you. I had to pay up to 200+ for some of my books and if I had known ahead of time to get my books online at 75% less of the campus selling price I definitely would have done that. And of course if you get stuck, you should consider online tutoring.

Good luck!