International Scholarship

international scholarship
ENTER score for international scholarship from University of Melbourne?

There are 10 x 100% fee remission and 10 x 50% fee remission scholarships from Uni of Melbourne for international students. Im wondering what is the aproximate ENTER score to get one scholarship from Uni of Melb? I got 99.35 what is my chance?

international scholarship from University of Melbourne

Graduate Education Grants

graduate education grants
Who can help me find education grants?

I graduated in 2005 and am looking to get back to school after working for 4 years. Who can help me locate any education grants I may be eligible for?

Your best bet is to go to your local library or even the bookstore and look for a book called Scholarships and Grants and this book will help you find a scholarship designed just for you.

Online you can try or I hope that helps!

College Grants For Women

college grants for women
College scholarships for women who are single moms?

Are there any? I thought I would be getting a pell grant this month and just found out that I will not be. I needed the money very badly and I am totally bummed. My financial advisor recommended that I apply for scholarships. I won’t be a second year student until January 25th. I am going to the University of Phoenix for Healtcare Administration, Please help if you can!

Do you not qualify for anything here:

You can always take your chance at entering free contests too like the ones here:

Good Luck

Education Grant

education grant
will pell granyt or indiana higher education grant pay if only have 3 credit hours?

Usually to receive a pell grant or state grants you have to be enrolled at least half-time (six credits for an undergraduate).

Financial Aid Grants

financial aid grants
Should I make sure I have grants, scholarships, financial aid BEFORE I apply for college?

I want to apply to a community college but I cant afford it so Im looking for grants, scholarships, financial aid to help me out. Should I make sure I have one of those necessities before I apply to a college? – it provides some tips about applying to US federal and state grants for college students.

Hispanic Scholarship

hispanic scholarship
Would I qualify for a Hispanic Scholarship?

Just out of curiosity, I’m not exactly the college age yet.
And I know they will vary, I’m just wondering what most are like.

Okay. Both of my parents were born in the United States.
My dad is entirely white.
My mother is Puerto Rican-American. Both of her parents were born in Puerto Rico. Spanish was her first language.

I look white and my last name does not sound at all Hispanic. Also, I’ve only taken Spanish 1 in school, but by the time I’m a senior in high school I’ll be taking Spanish 5. If any of these matter for anything.

So, in general, would I qualify for a Hispanic Scholarship?

Again, I’m just curious, and I’m sure there’s people out there who are much deserving of this type of thing than I am.

Depends on the scholarship and the requirements. I would say yes since your mom is puerto rican, but when looking for the scholarships look closely at the requirements.

University Loans

university loans
Is it worth taking out loans to go to Indiana University at Bloomington?

I want to major in fiance and I didn’t get into the business school of the university but I did get into Indiana do you think I should take out loans to attend the university or should i just go to a nearby school around my house. Will it help my career in the future or hurt my career.

It really depends.

Indiana is a pretty well known school. It isn’t Harvard, but it is well known enough that it could help you getting your first post-college job more than a university which isn’t at all well known.

At the same time, loans need to be payed back. Taking out $10,000 total in loans is fairly easy to pay back in a few years, $200,000 in loans will likely take you decades to pay off and may effect what kind of life you can afford post-college.

Education Grants Loans

education grants loans
Higher education grant and loan? Help me please?

I go to the London School of Communication to make a one-year Diploma the Foundation in September, so then you can apply for licensure from the year 1. I'm 20yo. I'm realizing, but I go home and moving to London and have £ 1400 tuition fees and over £ 4000 that rental costs because it is a high school diploma and not a Foundation Year 2 Title I eligible for the NO, loans or grants etc? Please, this is so scared help me? I've done my A levels but not always claimed an education grant superior. Please, is there anything I can do is make a loan for me to find work in the UK has so impossible right now. Thank you for your time I need more information. I've contacted them and they were not so useful. Isn't a government maintenance grant or loans available them are useless and often different state responses

I'm sure if you contact your desired university there are people in place, the specialists who can help you in the right direction, or even the universe itself can provide some funding (which may be based lending, but it is always a good choice because the monthly payments are low in general, no interest required)

College Education Grants

college education grants
How to pay your college education?

I'm trying to make a decision. How can I pay for my college education with obtaining out numerous loans. I have more than one grant at present. I would rather use donations. Has anyone done through a university four years, with little or no debt with grants to cover most of the cost.

The military is an option, but if you get into it, you can go to a community college / state university not to have large debts. It all depends on the degree of secondary and financial situation. You can apply for federal aid FAFSA, free of charge. Sent to the recommended amount to be paid to the universities of their choice, including grants and low interest federal loans that you are eligible for, and the school will send it back to you. After looking over his letter of financial support, you can accept or reject the offers that you want to take. Thus, For example, if offered two scholarships and a direct federal loan, may deny the loan and keep the grants to cover tuition fees. If it is too expensive, go to another school of their choice. Compare the financial aid awards that are offered and choose the best.

Scholarship Program

scholarship program
Tengo que entrevistar a un asistente en medicina veterinaria / técnico / enfermera una beca?

Sólo necesito hacerle algunas preguntas para algunos de mis papeles para una beca programa a través de los veteranos affairs.I sólo hay unas cuantas preguntas sobre el sector veterinario. Puedo realizar la entrevista sobre el correo electrónico. ¿alguien me ayuda? No puedo ir a cualquier oficina del veterinario en persona porque mi coche se averió. Se me permitirá hacer la entrevista por teléfono o por correo electrónico.

Usted lo encontrará mucho más fácil entrevistar a alguien por teléfono, por lo que incluso si no pueden ir a la oficina de su veterinario local debe llamar y pedir hablar con uno de sus técnicos veterinarios.