Affiliate Internet Business

affiliate internet business
I live in pakistan (asia). Can i start an internet affiliate marketing business. if yes then how?

Here is a quick overview of how to get started.

I would recommend that you start by purchasing a domain name with a web hosting package. Yahoo! Small Business has a package that will suit your needs; the US pricing is $12 a month.

Next, you need to design your website so that it is targeted at your intended audience. Make sure that the content that you provide would be useful to your audience.

Next, sign up at affiliate programs that offer the products and services that your audience would be interested in purchasing; embed the affiliate links into your website so that you will be credited with the referrals from your site to the target websites.

Finally, market your website to drive traffic to your site. Create original content, participate in forums, start a blog, and so on.

Please read my article entitled “Seven Tips for Choosing an Online Gaming Affiliate Program” for more information:

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