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What would be a successful at home business to start?

I will be starting my own business from my home/college, and I have had many ideas but I want something that would be successful. Does anyone have any ideas?

Start a blog and add adsense on it. There are many people doing it.
You can pick up info all over the net, use google, search bloggers or professional bloggers.
The idea is to have a place with good info about something, then people will visit it.
If you have ads on your pages when people click on the ads you get paid.
Each click will only generate a small amount, even only 0.05 but the more traffic the more clicks.
Depending on the topic you choose to talk about, clicks can be worth more, it’s all a matter of testing and see what works.
All tools are out there to make your life easier.. at first it is very little money if any at all but when it starts to come in it will happen all by itself.

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