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Any employers hiring around Maryland; DC, Area? I live in Takoma Park and need a more exciting and fun job.?

I currently work as a student assistant on call for the General Conference of the SDA Church. I’m trying to get away from the parentals because they work there too and would like a job that might be more interactive than data entry although I can do that pretty well. I’m a sophomore college student and need a job to tie me over for this summer’s expenses. Working for a “non-profit” organization just doesn’t cut it for me anymore. Although I have a small build and have extensive knowledge in computers and electronics, I would like to try a different job. Or perhaps I’m just looking for a workplace with a more social environment. The social environment at the GC consists of people in their 50s and my looking like an 18 year old makes me feel a lot out of place. I’m turning 22 this year >.< In any case, I'm almost willing to give anything a shot just as long as it pays nicely ($15/hr) and takes me away from that place. Thanks.

Go to work for a Condominium Development like King’s Contrivance in Maryland.

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