Data Entry Jobs Evening

data entry jobs evening
I didn’t get the job for lack of experience. What kind of experience do you need for a data entry job?

I got a call this morning and I asked for feedback. They said I was a little nervous so they took that into account. And they could not fault me in any of the answers. So the only reason they said no to me is because of my lack of experience. I am 24, I don’t have much experience I admit. But I can’t even get a data entry job. It makes me so mad. How do I get my confidence back up after so many rejections?
It’s not as if I have zero experience. I have done voluntary work and I am about to do some more. But I just feel so dissapointed to have a lost a job over experience when I have no problem learning. You can’t get more of that when no one is willing to give you a chance.
Actually, I am more interested in admin work. This interview was a 15 hour per week data entry job (3 hours a day). I know I would have enjoyed it. I have done it before. But wouldn’t enjoy it if it was 8 hours a day that’s for sure.

hmmm, it’s tricky beacuse there’s just soooo many people applying for each job so even though you might have been perfectly suitable for the job, if you have 2 good candidates, one with experience of data entry and one without, then as an employer’s point of view, however easy it was to train someone, they will pick the person who will need the least training.

The other thing is also what program they use, they might use Excel and a lot of people will have experience of that, and the basic stuff is very easy. On the other hand, they may use something like Sage, which a lot of people won’t have used before and they would pick someone who has used Sage over someone who hasn’t.

Don’t dispair hon, I’m on the same boat and I narrowly missed out on my dream job in June for the same reasons, so now I’m doing voluntary work and have learnt a lot and i know in future this will give me the edge over someone straight out of uni or with no experience.

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