Data Entry Jobs Home Scam

data entry jobs home scam
Are there any legit online data entry jobs where I can work from home?

It’s so hard to find a decent job at the moment and I am in need of making income for my family. I know that there are a lot of scams out there, but I wanted to know if there where actually any legit data entry jobs where I can work from home.

agrre 100% with others answers !

there are NO JOBS online a JOB is working for another for salary

100% scams are all online JOBS

real legitimate bussiness are 12% that can be done online or at home

selling things is one

an affiliate is another

creating information products like E books and videos and selling them is another huge business

buying things at flea markets or finding in others trash can make you great money if you can recondition the items to like new condition !

furniture , bicycles,jewelry,lamps etc..

how i wish i started this data entry stuff when it 1st came out i could have been wealthy selling memberships for $29 a pop for something that is FREE !

funny thing it’s still going on today 1000’s of desperate people buy into these scams

i’m going to create an E book and sell it for $5 a pop to teach people what NOT buy into online work at home jobs etc…

even the free stuff will wind up costing you money somewhere down the line !

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