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data entry jobs overseas
Please reassure me I’m not the only one who feels like this?

I am going to be really honest. I feel like I am losing my mind lately and really worried that I’m somehow missing out on life and people are doing better than me.

I’m 25, still live at home, I’ve got a girlfriend, a job and studying a part time course. In some ways such as with my girlfriend I feel lucky but on the other hand I feel a loser for still living at home and doing a data entry job. I feel like i’m not acting my age. I only have 1 true friend who lives overseas.

Most evenings when i’m not with my girl I just stay at home and watch tv or go on the internet. Recently I have been on facebook and got into contact with people I know but this makes me feel like even more of a loser as their lives seem somehow better.

Is it strange to think like this at my age? Am i a weirdo?

facebook is a vice… makes everyone feel like the next guy is doing better.

look: being a loser is one thing; not achieving what you want to achieve yet is ANOTHER. if you don’t work toward any goals, then there’s some real self-assessment to do, but you’re studying, man. you’re working for something. yeah, maybe you’re still in mom’s house and that should change, but start taking advantage of the fact that you’re not paying rent…..put some money away on a regular basis….start growing your bank account to get yourself an apartment/condo/HOUSE someday. (try and make it sooner than later; you don’t want to be 30 and getting excited for mom’s ‘meatloaf night’….hehehe)

would you feel like you were doing better if you were out of your parents’ home, dumping money on rent?

i’m all for cutting the cord and moving out at even 18 years’ old, but it’s not bad if you stay……with PURPOSE.

AND NO; you aren’t alone here, man. everybody has days where they envy the images of their friends’ lives. everyone.

just keep moving forward.

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