Data Entry Jobs Reviews

data entry jobs reviews
Has anyone ever heard of “KESTREL LAUREL COMMUNICATIONS”?

Recently I appied to a job on Craigslist for a part time Admin job and received an email back from a James saying that they are reviewing my resume. They say the the company name is KESTREL LAUREL COMMUNICATIONS and you can do data entry from home. The “work from home” comment right there tipped me off that it is probably a scam but I just was curious if anyone else has received a similar email???

Most jobs on craigslist are unfortunately scams, if they ask you to pay them anything then its def a scam. And if they were a legit company dont you think they’d show up in a google search? I wouldnt trust any business that isn’t listed on various business sites, in the press, etc. A real communication firm would have thousands of hits on a google search

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