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Quick survey: How much do you pay for bookkeeping?

What is the going hourly rate for a part-time person to do data entry of transactions into QuickBooks and reconcile the accounts?

This is basic bookkeeping, not full-charge bookkeeping, not writing checks, not paying bills, not accounting, no taxes, and no payroll. Just entering the income and expenses and doing the monthly reconciliation. Location: San Jose, CA

EMPLOYERS: How much do you currently pay your bookkeeper?

BOOKKEEPERS: How much do you charge for this type of work?

Note: I just want the rate of pay. I’m not looking for job applicants from this website. Feel free to email me if you prefer.

Thank you!

$10 – $15 an hour. $10 for data entry
$15 for reconcilation. However, if the information is downloaded into Quickbooks, the reconciliation should be a click of a button. Accounts may need to be addressed after downloading, but that’s it.

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