Education Grants Application

education grants application
URGENT: Where can i downlaod for free; a grant application for college financing????

I am a college student and i am desperately looking for places to help me finance my college education. I have taken out the stafford loan and Plus loan and even a few scholarships but there is only so many scholarships that are awarded to me i have bought many grant oppourtunity CDs and DVDs but to no avial I keep hearing of a grant application that i can fill out that might be able to help me to pay for college but i have no idea where to look and even when i think i have found a website where it can be downloaded i am hesitant to rely on it because i am not sure if it is legitimate.

PLEASE if anyone knows anything at all about how to acqurie a government grant form or grant from a Cooperation PLEASE let me know ihave been trying on my own to no avail and i am very frustrated and i feel defeated. anything at all would be greatly Appreciated

Check out Federal Student Aid Web Site or FAFSA

I suggest you explore all federal funding and grant options at the Federal Student Aid website

You may also want to read the Handbook of the Pell Grant — this is an 86 page document that contains everything about the grant

Or you can call the Federal Student Aid Information Center at 1-800-433-3243 and ask them if there are any programs for women of your age

Aside from FAFSA and Pell Grant , you may want to explore private foundation grants

Also check out Fastweb

For private grants, you may want to check the Foundation Center’s Foundation Grants for Individuals Online . It’s a subscription based website ($9.95 per month) and their opening blurb says that the database is ideal for “students, artists, academic researchers, libraries and financial aid offices.” You may be able to find grants from private foundations.

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