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Are there any proven and ligitimate work at home opportunities out there?

I’m looking for a legitimate work at home business or opportunity that isnt a scam. I would like to stay home with my new baby and earn $$. Does anyone know of anything that isnt a scam?! Self experience would be very helpful.

I can tell you about what I did to make money from home. I have two children and really didn’t want to work outside of the home, but having some extra money was something that I wanted. I decided to do some reading.

Gracious, are there ever some get rich quick schemes out there. I read about all of them over the course of two months. Nothing I saw really intrigued me until I read about Site Build It.

What is that all about?

Creating your own web site. My site is about resume writing. I know a lot about it and I have worked in the field before (for years), so writing about it is almost second nature.

I’ll list my web site below and if you want more information, click on the “My Passion” button on my site or click on the “Contact Us” button and ask me any questions you want.

Some people who have their own sites make a whole lot more than I do. I happen to have created a web site in a very competitive field. My next site will be more focused on a tighter niche as those tend to make a lot more money.

Anyway, it has worked for thousands of people and it’s now working for me.

I’ll include one other link so that you can read about other people’s stories. One young lady started building her site when she was a teenager and has completely financed her way through college with just one web site.

My site won’t do that anytime soon, but I like what I have built so far. 🙂

Good luck with whatever you choose to do.

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