International Education Grants

Is it possible to get money for school?

I leave in 2 weeks to London for school. I need a loan of $20,000 to cover my first year plus expenses. I have very little credit and no cosigner. I can’t get grants because there’s no international grants for creative writing. I can’t get scholarships because I need the money NOW. I can’t get federal aid because my mom makes too much and she won’t fill out a FAFSA for me. So what are my options? I have been denied by two banks because I lack credit history. I don’t have bad credit just not enough. I can only apply one more time before my FICO starts going down. Is it possible to get money still? Are we suppose to not get an education because we lack credit? Oh and not everyone in the world has a cosigner, what does everyone else do??
I was planning on moving to London in 2 weeks, but the latest (if this helps) is Sep 12th.

Fill out your own FASFA. Fill it out now online. When you are finished let your schools financial aid office know that you have just filled out the FAFSA and tell them that you know the money will not be in on time. Most schools will but your tuition on hold until the money comes in as long as there is proof that you have filled out a FAFSA. However you are probably going to have to pay for your own books which are expensive all by themselves. That is all I can think of.

UNICEF: Clinton Global Initiative’s $30 mill. education

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