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network marketing internet business
What kind of online marketing can my wife do for my furniture business while she is at home with the kids?

I need to know what kind of marketing, networking, email contacts, etc. that my wife can do from our computer while she’s at home with the kids? I make and sell rustic handmade log cabin furniture, mostly on the Internet.

I work in marketing and have recently started a web site to help people learn about affiliate marketing.
Your wife can market right here on yahoo answers… do an advanced search for people asking questions about handmade furniture and if you have a website she can send them a link to your site.
Also, she can write articles and post on sites such as:

Have her attach the link to your site in the source box and before you know it you’ll have lots of traffic, which means more sales.
You could also post on sites like craigslists and ebay.

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